WendyM was a mere middle schooler when she received a Christmas present that would change her life. It was a “short and ugly” copy of a book called “Trixie Belden and the Mystery on Cobbett’s Island”. Sucked into the magical world revolving around the teenage sleuth, she set about collecting the other fifteen books in the series. With the dedication that would have made Trixie proud, WendyM continued to locate and voraciously read the Trixie books. Even through high school, romance novels took a backseat to Trixie.

As she moved to adulthood, Wendy took her treasured books with her, where she reads the entire series yearly, believing the series to end at number 31. With her love of farmlife, WendyM was naturally drawn to book number 9, the Happy Valley Farm. The wonder of birth on the farm entrances to this day, both Wendy and her husband. Naturally, it came to her to name her website, “Down on the Farm”.

In September 2007, Wendy suspected there were books beyond number 31. The power of Google revealed Jixemitri and an incredible amount of wonderful fan fiction. By October she had read story after story and with the encouragement of StephH she delurked and joined the Jix community. Soon after the muses started to talk to her and she started writing her own fan fiction.

Sandwiched in between socializing at Jix, Wendy works as a Civil Engineer, is married to a dairy farmer and has two young daughters. Her writing has become cheap therapy for her often hectic life.

Wendy has paricipated in writing challenges sponsored by Jixemitri, as well as NaNoWriMo. Some of the events in which she has participated:

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Jixewrimo winner 2009      NaNoWriMo 2009 winner
VTC writing challenge avatar   Jix 2011 Half-Marathon winner     CWE 1 badge
CWE 2 honorable mention    CWE 6 winner    CWE 8 winner    CWE 9 writer    2017 Picture Challenge badge


A small-group writing weekend, apart from Jix:
WWW 2011   WWW 2012    WWW 2013   WWW 2014    WWW 2015   WWW 2016    WWW 2017

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