The First Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me a Mirrorball on the dance floor

“Isn’t this great,” Trixie said. “I’m so glad they decided on a 70’s theme for the dance. I love the mirrorball. It looks like one big ball, but when you get closer you see there are so many more sparkling facets to it.”

Honey nodded in agreement. “Imagine if every facet told a different story. Can you imagine how many different stories would be told?”

Trixie responded. “I’m sure there would be lots of them, but I’m sure there wouldn’t be many about me. They would be rather boring.”

“You’ve got to be kidding. You would probably have the most.”

The Second Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me two homecoming dates.

“I can’t believe it,” Trixie said. “I have two dates to the dance.”

“Now how did my almost twin manage that?” Mart asked.

Trixie started to pace. “I don’t know. One minute I’m talking to Lester Mundy about a chemistry assignment and the next thing I’m nodding and he’s talking about the powder blue three-piece suit he’s planning to wear and how it would match my eyes.” She cringed at the thought.

“So how did you get the second date?” he asked.

Trixie shook her head. “It involved a bad pun, a car and a stupid bet with Chris Delanoy.”

The Third Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me three crossover stories.

“I love you, you love me,” sang the giant purple dinosaur. Trixie and Honey sang along. Standing next to them were Bobby and Cindy Brady.

“Ithsn’t thith great,” lisped Cindy. “Barney is so cool.”

Just then Barney Fife swaggered onto the set. “Well, of course I’m cool,” he drawled. “All po-lice are cool.”

“I don’t know about that,” Trixie said. “I know a certain sergeant who definitely isn’t cool. As a matter of fact he’s a curmudgeon. He is always grumpy.”

“Now Trixie,” Barney the Dinosaur said. “It’s not nice to talk that way. We should get along with everyone.”

The Fourth Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me four treasure trails.

“Oh, look at the treasure trail.” Trixie almost drooled as her eyes followed the ginger-colored hair that went from his navel to disappear into the waistband of his swim trunks.

“What are you doing looking at your brother’s blonde path?” Diana said.

“Blonde?” Honey said. “It’s dark, almost black. That thin line that’s barely there.”

“It’s dark all right, but I wouldn’t say it’s barely there. It’s a definite trail,” Hallie said.

“I’m talking about Jim. Who are you talking about?” Trixie said, not seeing anyone on the dock other than her boyfriend.




They replied in unison.

The Fifth Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me five rockin’ spy gadgets.

“This is so cool,” Trixie said. “Who would have imagined a gun in the shape of a lipstick tube? It’s so compact.” She put it in what looked like an ordinary purse. In truth it had a built-in GPS unit, smart phone and was also bullet proof.

“You deserve it,” the chief said. “But that’s not all. I’ve got a high-powered microphone that’s the size of a stick pin, a secure cell phone that gets reception just about anywhere including the subway, and this.” He held up something that looked like a bobby pin.

“What is it?”

“A bobby pin.”

The Sixth Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me six butterflies over the nation.

Six-year-old Trixie stood next to her best friend Diana, bouncing with excitement. Their teacher, Mrs. Robinson, was assigning roles for the spring program. The program would be about the awakening of spring. There would be robins, daffodils, rabbits, lambs, tulips, and several other parts, but the most coveted part were the butterflies.

They would start out as cocoons. Then they would break out of them, spread their delicate wings and fly around the stage.

“The butterflies will be Jane, Patsy, Cheryl, Bonnie, Trish and Mary. Diana and Trixie will be the dancing daffodils.” Mrs. Robinson announced.

Trixie sighed in defeat.

The Seventh Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me seven sets of graphics.

“Nick,” Diana sweet talked. “We really need your help. The Bob-Whites are planning a mystery treasure hunt fundraiser. Every day for a week students will have the opportunity to buy a different clue. Would you be willing to create the clues for us?” She batted her eyes.

“Anything for the Bob-Whites,” Nick replied. “Have you got a theme for this event?”

Trixie winked at him. “We do, but if we tell you we’ll have to kill you.”

For several minutes Trixie, Diana and Honey filled Nick in on their plans. It was going to be something they’d never tried before.

The Eighth Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me eight chatroom sessions.

SGShamus: Hey, Jim, how was your first week of college?

TrixiesBeau: Well, Brian and I survived. Although he almost didn’t.

SCShamus: What happened?

TrixiesBeau: We both have chemistry class and lab together. We get into lab and we are assigned lab stations alphabetically. Brian gets put next to a very studious looking girl. She wasn’t.

SCShamus: Well, it sounds like they would have hit it off and helped each other.

TrixiesBeau: Her name was Bambi Bambouski. She had no clue what she was doing. Mart would say she had a blonde moment. I’d say she was studying for her MRS.

The Ninth Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me nine roads not taken.

“Mart, that’s the ninth road we’ve passed since we turned onto Brick Road. Are you sure you know where you’re going?” Trixie asked.

“You should dare to question my ability to navigate the BWG wagon to our desired destination?” he replied.

“Yes,” she said glibly.

“I’ll have you know I’ve never gotten lost or had to ask for directions,” he reminded her smugly.

The road suddenly took a sharp left and then ended. There were no buildings or driveways in sight.

“What were just saying about never getting lost?” Dan asked.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” he replied.

The Tenth Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me ten pirate ships on the horizon.

“So here’s how the fundraiser works,” Jenny said. “There will be ten plastic pirate ships floating down the Hudson River. Each of them is numbered. The first ship to cross under the Main Street Bridge wins that heat. We will run ten heats and then a final with each of the heat winners.”

“So what will the prize be?” Jo asked.

“The winner will receive the best prize imaginable,” Jenny responded excitedly. “The winner gets a date with the Bob-White of their choice. I know the J-team would choose Jim but not everyone is enamored with the supple one.”


The Eleventh year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me eleven smushy moments.

Trixie kissed supple Jim.

Brian pulled Honey into a sweet embrace.

Mart and Diana locked lips.

Dan grabbed the first girl he could and planted a kiss on her lips.

Peter snuck up behind Helen and pulled her into a tight embrace. Bobby covered his eyes.

Madeline sat on Matt’s lap and nibbled his neck.

Mr. Lytell presented Miss Trask with a bouquet of daisies.

Ed Lynch surprised Carolyn by placing a diamond pendant around her neck.

James Frayne presented Nell with an intricate diamond ring.

Win and Katje eloped.

And Honey Hog and Brian Bacon were caught makin’ bacon.

The Twelfth Year of Jix the Bob-Whites gave to me twelve tabloid teasers.

“I can’t believe it!” Honey said. “This is the twelfth week there’s been a picture of the Bob-Whites in the National Rag.”

“I wouldn’t exactly say it’s a picture of the Bob-Whites. It’s quite obvious that they have been photoshopped,” Trixie said. “None of us have been to a clothing optional beach.”

Diana and Mart blushed and looked away. Trixie at looked at them pointedly and said, “None of us has been to a clothing optional beach, right?”

“Well,” Mart stammered. “I might have gone to one when I was in the Bahamas.”

“You should try it sometime,” Diana said.

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