A Horse for Billy

written for Jixemitri's 9th Jixanny! blue star

posted 12 March 2009

What Child is This?

written for Jixemitri's 2009 Secret Santa GiftFic Exchange

posted 22 December 2009 Word count, 3,529 blue star

Jingle All The Way

Also written for Jixemitri's 2009 Secret Santa GiftFic Exchange

posted 18 December 2009 Word Count, 3,317 blue star

A is for Apple

posted 9 January 2010 Count, 4,018 blue star

Ring of Fire

Written for Jixemitri's 2010 Jixanny! purple star

Some Gave All

posted 14 November 2010 Word Count, 2,654 purple star

O Christmas Tree

Written for Jixemitri's 2010 Secret Santa GiftFic Exchange

posted 18 December 2010 Word Count, 5290 blue star

Diamond Girl

Written for Vivian, as a gift fic!

posted 6 January 2011 Word Count, 2,262 blue star

The Other Girl Detective

Written for Jixemitri's 2011 Jixanny by WendyM and Mcarey! Word Count 16,000 blue star

Reflections of the Future

Written for Veteran's Day, 2011. Word Count, 5,710 purple star

Bobby Belden and The Mystery of The Destroyed Decorations

Written for Jixemitri's 2011 Secret Santa GiftFic Exchange

posted 17 December 2011 Word Count, 7,591 blue star

The Twelve Days of Jix in Drabbles

Written for Jixemitri's 2012 Jixanny! blue star

Something To Be Thankful For

written for WVGirl as a holiday request! Posted 26 November 2012 Word count, 1500 blue star

Monkeying Around

Written for Jixemitri's 2012 Secret Santa GiftFic Exchange blue star

The Blue Arrow

Written for Jixemitri's 2013 Secret Santa GiftFic Exchange blue star

Cupid's Arrow

Written for Jixemitri's 2014 Jixanny, as part of the 7 Shades of Red anthology! blue star

With This Ring

Written for Uptowngirl, as her prize for winning my NCAA March Madness Basketball Contest! Posted October 8, 2014; Word Count 9,203 blue star

On the Hudson

Written for the Jixemitri CWE#8: There is no "I" in Team. Posted October 31, 2014 yellow star

The Bracelet

Written for Veteran's Day, 2014. Word Count 5,169 blue star

Down For The Count

Written for Jixemitri's 2014 Secret Santa GiftFic Exchange Word Count 5,047   blue star

Trixe Belden and the Mystery on the Mississippi (Rewrite)

My contribution to annual rewrite, for Jixemitri's 2015 Jixanny! blue star

Finding Home

My tribute to a fallen friend. blue star

Slip-Sledding Away

Written for Jixemitri's 2015 Secret Santa GiftFic Exchange Word Count 3553 blue star

Deck the Halls

Written for Jixemitri's 2016 Secret Santa GiftFic Exchange. Word count: 6,087 blue star

When the Good Guys Win

Written for Circle Writing Challenge (CWC) #27 entry, Jixemitri is 17: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words. Word count: 1,452 blue star

Run, Trixie, Run!

Written for my 8th anniversary as a Jix Author. blue star

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